Throwback Thursday 1 :028

I have truly been enjoying the podcast so far. Some posts have been better than others and some of them have been just terrible(feel free to refer back to Episode :027 - Hot wet trash lol) but it was necessary for ME and that is the beauty of all of this. I truly hope it helps others find their happiness but it really has been surprisingly good for me too.


A friend who listens to the podcast suggested that there be themes to the days. I had already been working on this idea with Fireside Fridays`But I absolutely loved her suggestion of Throwback Thursdays. Let’s be honest, I LOVE alliteration… always. 


I decided this was a perfect vehicle to open up about some of the past portions of my life. So moving forward once a week I am going to #ThrowbackThursday to some portion of my life. I am sure a lot of these will be difficult or unhappy for some of you but one thing I want to make VERY clear is that I am completely ok with every part of what has happened. I truly do love me some me and the reality of it is…IT TOOK EVERY ONE OF THESE EXPERIENCES TO MAKE ME, ME. 


I figured I’d start this one off with more of a general background. Many of you know I am originally from Minnesota, like my father,  and because throughout my life he resented moving to California I always identified with Minnesota. I consider myself from there, while having no memories of actually living there.


It is interesting to me how people view things. Many of my friends that are Californian consider me too much red neck to be Californian…yet my cousins back home definitely consider me way to Californian to be a red neck. #Perspective


My parents met while my dad was serving a mission for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormons for those of you that don’t know. Mormon missionaries are most definitely not supposed to meet their wives on their mission lol. They say nothing inappropriate happened. Which I believe based on only two things. One My mom wasn’t there much, she was away at BYU and 2)My dad was a rule follower…most of the time.


After my dad returned home from his mission they continued to write and eventually he came out here to ask my grandfather(this gangster, we’ll get into him later) for permission to marry my mother. He said yes. They were married in the temple here in Los Angeles, and for those of you who don’t know that’s a pretty exclusive club with a strict admission policy. You must be a Temple recommend holder. I won’t bore you with a bunch of details but suffice it to say it requires an ongoing lifestyle that lives up to the churched ideals(I’ve clearly never had recommend) and it requires that you have lived those ideals for at least one year. Which meant my newly baptized grandparents did not actually enter the temple to see their daughter married. This and many other things would become sore spots between my grandparents and the church swell as my father later on in life.

I make no promises of chronological order or even continuity as these throwbacks go…but I hope you enjoyed this first one. As you think back on the highs and especially on the lows of your past remember that it took everyone of those moments to shape you into exactly the rad motherfucker you are today. I DO LOVE ME SOME ME AND I HOPE YOU ARE LOVING YOU SOME YOU

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