The 4 People You Really Need :029

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on mindset. Not even mindset specifically as much as how it plays in hacking life in general. The most limited of all our assets is time.

I constantly hear people pining for more time, but it is in a way that comes from stress and I just don’t feel it in that way. I yearn for more time in a way that I am constantly learning and growing and I just can’t absorb enough material in the 18 hours a day that I have. I can’t get more time, not in today, not in this week, or even in life in general(I’ve got theories on how modern medicine will help that but let’s not get too far off the path here) 


So with no more time available, the only option left is to get more from our time. This brings me back to mindset. You can’t get more hours, so what are you doing to get more out of your hours. 


I heard a story that really tipped my viewpoint on mindset. I constantly think about my mindset, but what about the mindset of others.


A little boy goes to his father and asks “what is a life worth, my life, what is it worth?” The father goes to a cupboard =, pulls out a stone and places it in the boys hand “take this to the market and if anyone asks you the price say nothing…just hold up two fingers” 


With blind faith in his father the boy goes into the market and sure enough a woman sees his stone and gushes on about how good it will look in her garden “How much is it?” The boy silently holds up his two fingers and she replies quickly “$2 id love it”


The boy returns to his father and reports the story as he nods he says for him to take the rock and go to the museum and make sure “if anyone asks you the price say nothing…just hold up two fingers”


As he wanders through the museum a curator walks up and exclaims over the stone resting between their hands “I must have this for our new exhibit how much do you want” The boy silently holds up his two fingers and the curator can barely contain his joy “$2,000?!?” 


The boy once again runs home to his father. His surprise at the increased value is somewhat diminished when the father tells him not to sell it but to take it to the precious stone shop at the edge of town. He again repeats the instructions “if anyone asks you the price say nothing…just hold up two fingers” 


The boy has barely entered the shop when the shop owner sees him enter with a stone in his hand. She makes no efforts to contain her enthusiasm “You must be here to sell with that stone. I have only seen one other like it in all my years of selling precious stones. How much do you want for it” The boy once again silently holds up his two fingers and in her kindness she says I can’t let you sell for only $200,000” 


He takes his stone back to his father and tells him what has happened in the final shop. 


The people we surround ourselves with have a greater influence on our value than we ever account for. They also have different eyes for our own specific values. We do not mean the same thing to one person or group as we do to another.

As I gave some thought to those around me I had to start with some real #gratitude I am surrounded by people who are positive, thoughtful, and most especially…kind.


I have my life broken into 3 people. As I thought on how two share this I realized I had grown a 4th people. 


1)Those that are doing more in any way

Surround yourself with a handful of people that can be inspiring as well as educational. I love the idea of mentors. At one point in time I had a severe drug addiction. If there was one prevailing lesson in the process of kicking that addiction it was that your environment really does matter. I couldn’t go to the places my mind associated with doing cocaine. To this day there are bathrooms that have a flood of emotion and feeling when I walk into them. But physical environment is static and in turn is the least of it. The people you had as part of that life are not static, they are active influences on you. You can’t truly grow and change unless you surround yourself with different influences. 


I decided I needed a better hold on my financial situation. It has taken time to achieve and hasn’t always been the easiest but I started out by going to the person I know who was the most responsible with their money. I asked him how he did it and asked him to observe how I did it. In small steps and changes it has drastically changed my life. From removing the stress of what bill am I going to pay and what am I going to try and put off to a position of being able to invest in ideas and opportunities that I think are worth while it has all been an improvement. And one based on reaching out and choosing to model my financial life on a someone I saw doing it better than me.


2)People On Your Same Journey


While it can be important to have mentors and examples on the road ahead of you. It is just as essential to have people by your side experiencing the same. As long as you are comfortable shedding those people if they ever start to pull you back.


That first group, the mentors can often times lead you to the second. Do you want to get in better shape. Follow a couple Instagram accounts about people who are in a place you want to get to. The support available from the individual is amazing. Some times we will have the direct contact that is so beneficial with these type of people but I have also had amazing experiences where my interest in that mento or their field of growth has led to participating in a community of like minded people. 


Being able to support someone actively going through the process you are going through is amazing. I have a small circle of friends and amongst us 3 of us have independently come to the idea of making apparel for different business ventures. There best part is we can all bounce ideas and moves we’ve made both positive and negative off of each other. While this is purely a coincidence it is also the result of a lot of little choices where we’ve surrounded ourselves with the kind of people who would be in this situation. Also you should definitely go follow @boozersclub and @rowdyredneckss (Yes seriously two s’s, I hate that Bill)


3)People following on your journey / 4)People coming from where you started your journey


The last step is the one that is both hardest and most gratifying. Reach back, help others on your journey…now you have to be careful with this because the 3rd group the people a step or so behind you…those are the easy ones. You drop a little “oh man you are working on your anger, don’t worry it get’s easier. Start by appreciating what it took to cause that persons behavior. Taking the time to see things from the other perspective is real eye opening. It will give you a power and a perspective that can easily put you in a place of understanding.” On someone you see in a place you were at not too long ago.. and feel great for it. But that trap lies in knowing you are on your journey still too, always. You have to balance the power of that gratitude and the feeling of giving with the power of that persons depth in their situation. Are you strong enough in your position, are you far enough on your journey to overcome there pull towards the position you have worked so hard to remove yourself from. I am not saying don’t offer that hand up, but just remember “Please secure your own oxygen mask before attempting to help others”


The real key is that all of these people bring something to us. The first group, of mentors, provide inspiration. The second group, of peers, provides encouragement. The last group, those that we see in places much like our own at one time, provide us with the most important, the opportunity to give, and to feel the power of all we have learned.


I DO LOVE ME SOME ME and I Hope you are loving you some you



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