Perspective and Mindset :026

Perspective and mindset are funny things. We all have convictions and beliefs that we feel are strongly rooted and most of us would say near infallible. Yet the reality is you can talk yourself into…or out of, nearly anything. A small shift in perspective or mindset and you’ve got all the tools you need to tell yourself what you WANT to hear.

The problem with the default of human nature, or more specifically, the default society has taught most of us. Is that we focus on the negative. We condition ourselves to the can’ts the reasons why not, and the myriad of bullshit excuses.

We are all perpetrators of this. At some point on out lives we have made decisions based on what we thought we couldn’t do. The shitty thing is we got that from somewhere.


My brother was always better than me at sports. I can never be best.


The fuck is that mindset…I am awful at softball, but I can look at nearly anything mechanical and tell you how it works, the machinery it was likely built on, and the way we can use it best or even work around it not working as designed.


Find your passion, whatever the highest intersection of what you love doing and what you do best(do not confuse these two. I really enjoy a lot of things

I come from a broken home.

Guess what for the first fuck ton of millennia there were no homes let alone broken ones, and mankind evolved from apes to where we are now, AI assistants and apps that add animal ears to our faces. You can get anywhere from any starting point


I can’t even go on with a list of possible excuses because the idea has become so foreign to me…Honestly those two were only easy because I’ve heard them in the last 24 hours.


The reality of it all is that I have seen points too low in my life that I have come back from.

When I got out of Jail for the last time I lived for a bit on the kindness of my ex-wife but that grew old so I moved out. Except I didn’t really have anywhere to go so I lived between my car, the school where I trained in martial arts sleeping in the back night, and the couch o the guy who trained me. I had nothing. I worked a little training others, got enough to eat most days and somedays I didn’t.


The curve of how that has driven me has changed. I went from wanting more and pushing myself to a point where I never wanted to go back. This is a story of rags to riches that is so old it is one of the classic “seven stories” that we hear of as the only stories we have that just get repackaged and retold.


But this is where perspective and mindset come in. I have that same set of experience to draw on but no wI see it as the most powerful weapon I have. Not for the reasons I mentioned above but for an even more empowering one…I DON’T FUCKING CARE IF I LOSE IT ALLLLLLLL

This Podcast sucks….COOL…It’s not putting food on my table and I never want it to. I’m doing this to spread more positivity and I already have a handful of people who have told me it’s helped….I’ve already won

I am partnering in an apparel line…Oh nobody likes it, don’t worry I ave got built in pivots already and I’ve learned 5 things that’ll help me in the future…If I never sell a single hat ….I’ve already won

If the restaurant were to fail, our ideas got stale, we stopped caring and having gratitude for every customer…even that just doesn’t matter…I went from living in my truck to making decisions that provide tons of Happiness to people every day and I KNOW I could start over and do it all again end even faster because of all I have learned…I could see all these L’s as devastating losses in position but I wouldn’t my mindset just doesn’t allow for that






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