Be Aggressive in Your Hapiness : 023



I tend to be a big list maker. Mostly due to the fact that my thoughts are pinging around in me head at a rate that doesn’t often allow me to accomplish things in the moments that I think of them. 


A regular saw me jotting some notes on a 3X5 card I’ve started carrying with me and led into a conversation that really opened me up to some new angles of looking at the same issue. So much so that I have been super pumped on sharing. 


The comment he made, I’m sure with no idea that he would be altering how I look at life, was “what are you doing writing down ll the reasons you’re so amped up and happy” I jokingly explained I was writing down a to do list before the idea leaked out of my ear. But I started to really think about this contrast. 


I am a physically imposing person. So much so that customers will often times in passing wonder at what is wrong, what kind of upset I might be or, even if I am mad. 99% of the inquiries I get to turn back with “Nope, that’s just the way my face looks.”


I am constantly thinking on how I can get more of that #gratitude and his conversation became such and eye opener. BE AGGRESSIVE IN MY #HAPPINESS, GO OUT OF MY WAY TO VOCALIZE IT, actively shar the positive thoughts and feelings I’ve got. Just generally remove all doubt on my position. 


Another thing I want to share is that you can do just as much by being an ear listen to other peoples happiness it is truly rewarding. But also, be there to listen to 


The idea of leaving someone saying, He is just so much nicer than he looks is ideal. It’s funny how foreign your old ideas can become. When I was a kid and the world was full of kids my age wanting to be astronauts or fireman. I just wanted to be a mobster or a Hell’s Angel. I certainly ended up with the face for the latter. As I look back I know a lot of that was rooted in the freedom to do whatever I wanted regardless of the opinion of others. Now though I cans ee I can do whatever I want regardless of the opinion of others. I just choose to do dole out #kindness and #positivity instead of #violence and #domination



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