Your Change Is Yours, Don't Let Roadblocks Stop You : 011

Some times you will hit roadblocks to your change. You’ll reach a stumbling block that comes from some of those clt the osest to you. This reality comes back to one of the most important principles #EMPATHY


You have to see it from their perspective. They have whatever lengths of experience they have with you and as you are changing you can’t expect them to see the goal you are living. You have to understand that they see a high point, a happiness and kindness that is amazing to them, if they are a true supporter of you. But they also have a lot more experience with the previous version of you. 


The really interesting dynamic is that those that have known you the longest are most likely your biggest cheerleaders for change. They are also the most likely to have a long term history with the version of you that they may not think as highly of as they will once they see the consistency with the positive growth you are going through. 


It’s important to remember to have a #mindset of empathy but also to remember WHO CARES. You can’t let someone else’s opinion, disbelief, or even past experience derail you from your happiness. It is your own. This is one of those moments where you learn that making your happiness your own means you get to keep it even when those around you, no matter how close, don’t see it

Continued Learning : 012

Create Experiences That Reinforce Your Beliefs : 010

Create Experiences That Reinforce Your Beliefs : 010